56th Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act

56th Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act

I know you’re busy, and I’m under the weather, but in case you missed Tuesday’s GOP’s 56th  congressional vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act or ‘Obama Care’ took place in the capital. ‘Newbie congressman missing from the Appalachian Trails’, Rep. Mark Sanford (R) – SC’s statement, alluded to an interview on ‘NOW with Alex Wagner’, taking a vote against ACA has become a rite of passage for conservatives asserting their bona fides to their constituents at home.

For the public, it is a peek into the retrogressive, juvenile intellection of elected representatives determining and undermining the direction of this country. Marking their territory is akin to a fraternal/sororal, initiation ceremony instead of executing their fiduciary duties bound by the oath of office. Nevertheless, this frivolous indoctrination is grossly expensive. Be aware two years ago, the price tag for each vote was valued at $1.45M. Other words, Boehner’s Congress’ attached an additional $81.2M, over three-quarters of a $100M to repeal President Obama’s signature law. The President will NEVER sign to overturn ACA, and similar to Medicare, conservatives stripping the American people of healthcare, is now a ‘holy untouchable cow’ that would result in the demise of many political careers.

As you proceed through your daily life, remember that $81M, the next time you must replace a tire after hitting a pot hole, a stuck draw bridge or part of the century old , crumbling infrastructure fails, or robbing an ordinary person of their life. Their death isn’t a result of all ready budgetary deprived social programs like SNAP, Medicare or work man’s compensation. Blame conservatives for abusing the power of their office and violating the American people’s trust by squandering over a million dollars on symbolism to repeal a law credited and proven to save lives.

American conservatives have NEVER been the party of fiscal responsibility. From Reagan to Bush to present day, that meme is a fallacy based on the staggering, monumental debt levels reached by their Administrations’ military spending. Only willing, gullibility or naive compliance to the hallowed and discredited ‘trickle down’ or Reagan-omics enables voters’ continual investment at the altar of greed/selfishness. They are the party of waste, lavish lifestyles and hypocrisy by shifting wealth from working Americans to the only constituents the GOP fights & defends: the 1%.

Civil Rights..The Journey Continues

 DWCCV Brunch Meeting

 Saturday, February 21, 2015

Boccaccio’s Restaurant

32123 Lindero Canyon Rd. #104, Westlake Village, Ca 91361

Cost is $25 for Brunch

To RSVP or get information call 805-410-4909


We are fortunate to have joining us Dr. Gregory Freeland, Ph.D., Political Science, Chair of the Department of Political Science and Director of the Global Studies Program at California Lutheran University.

The Voting Rights Act passed 50 years ago this year and Dr. Freeland will speak to us about where we have come from and the journey we still have yet to travel.

 Additionally, our own Elda and Ron Soderquist Will talk briefly about their own experiences when marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

We look forward to seeing you for this inspiring day!

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