Democratic Women’s Council of the Conejo Valley
2016 Officers & Committee Chairs

Carol “C.J.” Keavney*
Founding President
Mary Kay Donahoe
Kathy Smiley
Recording Secretary
Laurie Alban
Corresponding Secretary
Sylvia Navarro

Committee Chairs

Membership – Open
Programs & Events – C.J. Keavney
Outreach – Open
Bylaws – Laurie Alban
Scholarship – Joyce Fletcher
VCDP Rep – Jeannette Maginnis
Fundraising – Jeannette Maginnis
Web Master – Jackie Kern
Public Relations – Jody Avery-Smith
Social Media (Email Blast, Facebook)– Joyce & Peter Fletcher
Hospitality – Penny Strowger

Planning Board Members

Laurie Alban
Bette Empol
Carol “C.J.” Keavney
Sylvia Navarro
Jody Avery-Smith
Joyce Fletcher
Jackie Kern
Judy O’Connor
Erin Culbertson
Peter Fletcher
Carol Kesselman
Kathy Smiley
Mary Kay Donahoe
Jane Hasler Henick
Jeannette Maginnis
Penny Strowger | 805.469.2192 | 805.498.7262